Our staff has developed an integrated approach to theme-based curriculum that nurtures curiosity, and supports exploration and individualized growth. Our goal is to provide students with a foundation for meeting life’s challenges with independence and confidence.

Each day the teachers utilize theme-based topics and lessons. Our themes follow a logical, nature-inspired progression that inspires ideas and encourages children to explore their community, their families and their world with unlimited curiosity.

Gym Time

Our program emphasizes a comprehensive approach that supports child development from all angles; physically, socially, emotionally and academically. This includes taking advantage of our most unique and valuable asset – access to our gym space, with daily exercise and creative movement.

While on the gym floor we strive to develop gross motor skills, coordination, body control, self-awareness, trust and confidence. We use positive encouragement, progressive teaching and age-appropriate equipment to teach basic gymnastics skills, cooperative games, sports, dance and rhythm while instilling a lifelong enjoyment of being active, while allowing a quieter mind at learning time.

We also follow complimentary curriculums from respected organizations:

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