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At Seattle Preschool + Pre-K, we offer developmentally appropriate programs with specialized curriculum for children 3-to-6-years-old. Each classroom provides a multi-age setting that imparts daily opportunities for peer helping and self-paced development. We believe in the importance of a program that closes the gap between home and elementary school, and supports your child for a long road of future academic success. Our school readiness-based programming provides multiple options that allow you to find the right fit for your child.

Field Trips

Field trips include theme-based activities and in-house classroom visits that help to reinforce the curriculum and promote community. Field trip days include parents or caregivers for a fun-filled day that includes structured activities and exploration. Some of our favorite field trips are Oxbow Farm in Carnation and our local Fire Department!

Parent Resources

Our latest blog posts, from our teachers, for parents of preschool age children.

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“[Our son] just loves being in preschool and we are thrilled to have him with the exceptional team you’ve built. We don’t often have a moment to acknowledge the additional work and effort that the staff puts in to providing a safe and productive environment for our little ones and their families during these special years. Thanks so much to the entire team for the patience, love and care you give. You guys are awesome!””
—Ethan, parent of Seattle Preschool student