A holistic and empathetic approach to early learning, for the mind and body.

We offer a movement-centered approach to early learning – utilizing gymnastics and play to support and elevate our academic curriculum!

Physical activity – like gymnastics – cues the building blocks of learning in the brain, creating an environment in which the brain is ready, willing and able to learn. At Seattle Preschool + Pre-K, we offer a different perspective on preschool academics, providing developmentally appropriate programs with a specialized physical activity curriculum for children 2-to-6-years-old. What truly sets us apart is that each day includes movement through gymnastics-based physical activity. The goal is to develop and strengthen the mind / body connection; laying the foundation for development in language, literacy and math skills.

[Our son] just loves being in preschool and we are thrilled to have him with the exceptional team you’ve built. We don’t often have a moment to acknowledge the additional work and effort that the staff puts in to providing a safe and productive environment for our little ones and their families during these special years. Thanks so much to the entire team for the patience, love and care you give. You guys are awesome!”
—Ethan, parent of Seattle Preschool student

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