Children need to move to activate the brain. By connecting and strengthening the brain and body, we’re working to influence learning at a cellular level, improving each child’s potential to store and process new information. Use of our fully-equipped gymnastics facility and outdoor space allows students the opportunity to engage in physical movement each and every day!

Here are some of the key advantages:

Physical development: Gymnastics provides an excellent opportunity for young children to enhance their physical skills. It improves their strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and overall body awareness. These skills lay a solid foundation for future physical activities and sports.

Motor skills: Gymnastics helps preschoolers develop and refine their motor skills, including both gross motor skills (such as running, jumping, and climbing) and fine motor skills (such as grasping, holding, and manipulating objects). It aids in the development of their muscle control and dexterity.

Cognitive development: Engaging in gymnastics can promote cognitive development in preschoolers. They learn to follow instructions, remember sequences of movements, and solve problems through trial and error. Gymnastics also stimulates their spatial awareness and cognitive flexibility.

Discipline and focus: Gymnastics classes typically involve structured activities and exercises, which teach preschoolers discipline and the importance of focus. They learn to listen to their instructors, follow directions, and concentrate on specific tasks. These skills can transfer to other areas of their lives, including school and daily activities.

Confidence and self-esteem: As preschoolers accomplish new skills and overcome challenges in gymnastics, they gain a sense of accomplishment, boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem. Successes, both big and small, help them develop a positive self-image and belief in their abilities.

Social skills: Participating in gymnastics classes allows preschoolers to interact with their peers in a structured and supportive environment. They learn to take turns, cooperate, and engage in group activities. It can enhance their social skills, teamwork, and ability to communicate effectively with others.

Body awareness and safety: Gymnastics helps preschoolers develop a strong sense of body awareness, understanding their body’s movements, limitations, and capabilities. They learn about personal safety, risk assessment, and how to prevent injuries. This knowledge can be valuable in various physical activities and everyday life.

Fun and enjoyment: The combination of physical challenges, playful activities, and the opportunity to explore their abilities through gymnastics provides a fun and exciting experience for preschoolers, and can foster a lifelong love for physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

We also see on an everyday basis, how our students’ minds are better focused at learning time when their bodies have had the opportunity to get all the wiggles and energy out in the gym. We are proud to be able to offer a program with all these additional benefits for our kids.

“Research suggests that promoting movement and activity in young children can help increase memory, perception, language, attention, emotion and even decision making. When language is combined with movement, learning increases 90 percent.” ”
—Michigan State University Extension

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