Our mission:

Seattle Preschool + Pre-K is dedicated to a program that nurtures and supports both students and their families, and creates an environment that allows them to learn, grow and become prepared for the years ahead.

Our program goals include helping children:
  • Find their voice
  • Nurture and develop their growing awareness and empathy for others
  • Learn to communicate their needs and wants
  • Become creative and independent thinkers
  • Feel competent, self-reliant and productive
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for their own physical, mental and emotional health
  • Develop critical thinking and resilience
  • Understand that they are part of a global community and that their actions influence the quality of that community
At Seattle Preschool we aim to be:
  • Flexible and compassionate
  • Student and family focused
  • Current on educational practices
  • Involved in our community
  • Inclusive
  • Respectful

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